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Do you put items on hold for customers?

We generally do not put items on hold, however, a client may call when they are on their way into the store and request that an item be placed aside until they arrive.

Are the prices at your store negotiable?

No. Staff prices all items based on original retail price, condition, and current selling point for similar second-hand items.

Can we drop off merchandise that we would like to get rid of?

While we do donate consigned clothing that has not sold, due to space limitations we are unfortunately unable to accept clothing solely for donation at this time.

Do you carry plus-sizes?

Yes! We carry all sizes from XXS to XXXL as they come to us. We love helping our clients of all shapes and sizes feel beautiful!

Do you carry maternity, lingerie, bathing suits, or bridal wear?

No. Due to issues of demand and sanitation, we do not accept these kinds of items.

Do I need an appointment to consign my clothing?

Yes, you do. Give the store a call to set up an appointment!

Can I check my account online?

Accounts cannot be accessed online. To check the status of your consigned items and account balance, please call or visit the store.

Are you open on Sundays?

No, we are not open on Sundays. Take a look at our hours to see when we are available for a visit!


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